• 17.5” Long
  • 14” High (from base to handle)
  • 4.5” Wide
  • Legs made of anodized aluminum
  • Accommodates all size laptops up to and including 19”
  • Height I Lowest Level – 15.5”
  • Height II Extended – 21.5”
  • Height III Extended – 28.5”
  • Height IV Highest Level – 36”

Work anywhere. Be more efficient everywhere you go with the QuadCase, a unique laptop bag that transforms into a sturdy tabletop in seconds. Unzip the back section to release four telescoping legs and set up your workstation in seconds.

Demonstration Video

The QuadCase legs are attached to the bag—which makes set up a breeze! Simply unzip the leg compartment, extend the legs to the desired height, and lock them into place. The QuadCase by Chameleon Gear adjusts to four different heights—so you can work comfortably standing or sitting.

The QuadCase ventilation system ensures proper air flow to avoid overheating the laptop—and the lap. Using a warm laptop on your lap may cause harm—such as toasted skin syndrome, infertility, or even cancer—risks you won’t need to worry about when you use the QuadCase instead of your lap.

Slouching over your laptop can cause neck and back pain. Setting up your laptop at eye level is easy with the QuadCase™ by Chameleon Gear because it adjusts to four different heights. Work comfortably standing or sitting!

Whether you are a righty, a lefty, or ambidextrous, the QuadCase can accommodate your needs with the detachable mouse pad. Designed to accommodate most laser mouse devices, the pad measures 6.5 inches square and attaches to either side.